Frequently Asked Questions

Any standard profiling bed with full bed rails.

Yes, it can be fitted onto the bed following the easy step by step instructions provided.

No, the Safe Sleeper is not safe for everyone to use. If the person can get in and out of the bed safely, or if they move vigorously/ violently in bed this would not be suitable.

Once fitted to the bedrails the bumpers should be fitted tightly gripped onto the rails. To test if it’s fitted correctly, pull the bumpers at the bottom to ensure they do not move and remain in place. If there is movement then they will need to be pulled tighter around the rail, this will ensure the cover will remain in place once attached to the bumpers.

The top cover can be easily removed in seconds by the zips at either side of the bed.

The Safe Sleeper is only available from our website in the UK. We are working hard finding suppliers internationally to stock our product. Hopefully, the Safe Sleeper will be accessible to everyone in the coming months.


There is a 2-year manufacturer guarantee, should anything happen within this time we will be happy to replace the unit.